About Andrew

My name is Andrew Nichols and I am 15 years-old and live in Cypress, Texas.  I learned to turn pens in Concepts of Engineering class in 7th grade. In this class I received the Student of the Year Award for my work and fell in love with the process of making pens. I loved it so much, I bought my first lathe with my own money which I earned from another business I have as a cake decorator. As you can tell, I love creating unique things by hand.

I Learned Fine Pen Making From a Pro

While looking to buy my first lathe I was introduced to a premier pen maker. He mentored me on some the “tricks of the trade” and I have been in my workshop turning high-end pens ever since.

I Have An Entrepreneurial Family

I enjoy building and running my own businesses. My family is very entrepreneurial and they taught me how to write a business plan, measure profit margins, keep inventory, market my products, and research supplies. I guess you could say our house runs a little like Shark Tank.

Obstacles Make Me Better

Two things in my life have really made an impact on who I am. At a young age, I was diagnosed with severe dyslexia. I have outcome this obstacle and am currently a straight A student. Second, the day before I entered middle school, we found out my mom had a rare and aggressive form of Leukemia. I am happy to share she is now in remission. My family is very close and supported my business efforts even with my personal obstacles and family struggles. Making both custom pens and cakes gave me an outlet I needed. As I have shown others my pens, I have gotten more and more orders and now I divide my time between creating both cakes and pens.

The Process of Making Fine Fountain & Ballpoint Pens

I hand pick and make every pen very from unique wood or acrylics from around the world.

The process of making this one of a kind pen starts with hand chiseling the wood to make the body of the pen. I then sand it, I seal it, and wet-sand it to a perfectly smooth finish. Finally, it is polished until it is marvelously shiny. I know you will enjoy your hand crafted artisan pen and will use it for decades to come.